Gold Ring Resizing

Jadeite rings at our online store are all custom designed with a variety of diamond adorned jewellery settings to bring out the best qualities in our jadeite pieces. In most cases, our rings are crafted in specific sizes to be showcased to our customers both online and offline.

We understand that ring sizes differ from one individual to another and no single size will ever be possibly made to fit all, especially for rings. Thus, at New Jade, we offer resizing of our jadeite rings to our customers without any additional charges. There are some designs, however, that accommodate a smaller range of change in the ring sizes, and we do apologize in advance.

In our quest to design beautiful rings, some rings with diamonds adorning the rings are slightly harder to be resized than others. If in doubt of whether any ring can be resized accordingly, please do not hesitate to drop us a message and check in with us directly.