How to Buy Jade Jewellery

New Jade is an online store specializing in quality natural jadeite and gemstone jewellery. We guarantee that all our products are natural and have not been enhanced chemically in any sort of manner.

Purchasing directly online is possible via our online shop. We seek to represent our products in their most accurate colours to allow our customers to confidently purchase our jadeite jewellery products directly from our online store. In the photography of products, most of the photos are taken in natural daylight in Singapore with 2 photos taken indoors to showcase how our products look in different lighting. In the event that more photos are required of any specific product, feel free to reach out to us here and we will arrange accordingly. 

Viewing by appointment is an option for customers in Singapore. All our products are physically available and physical appointments can be arranged to have a touch and feel of our products. Simply drop us a message on our contact form here or if reach out to us via WhatsApp to arrange for a private meeting to view any products you are interested in.

Laboratory reports are available and included for any jadeite jewellery bought from our online store above 1,500 SGD. Laboratory reports are purchased from Nan Yang Gemological Institute (NGI) in Singapore. These reports help certify jadeite and gemstones to be devoid of any chemical enhancements. For jadeite, this would certify that the jadeite jewellery is Type A, without chemical enhancements. 

On making a successful purchase from our jewellery store, if laboratory reports are required, the purchased jadeite jewellery will be sent to NGI for analysis. Laboratory reports usually take 1 week to be prepared and upon collection, the purchased jewellery together with the reports will be packed and delivered via tracked parcels. If laboratory reports are not needed, the purchased products will be packed and delivered right away.