How To Measure Sizes For Jade Bangles

In jade jewellery, bangles are amongst the more popular carvings or types of jade jewellery. Carved from a single block of jade rough, jade bangles make use of the most raw material in their production. Fine jade bangles are thus notoriously difficult to acquire due to this requirement of suitably large blocks of fine jade rough. Because it is entirely crafted from a single jade rough, size of jade bangles is also fixed. Due to the fixed dimensions of jade bangles and the different wrist sizes of different individuals, jade bangles cannot be worn universally. Everyone has a differently shaped hand with a wider range of differing flexibility, thus it takes experience to know the range of bangle sizes that are comfortable for one’s own wear. If this is your first time purchasing a jade bangle and you have no clue of your required bangle size, hopefully the rest of this article below will provide some insight and help you find a suitable jade bangle.

Jade Bangle Shapes

Before diving into the actual measurements required for bangle sizing, this is an overview of the various commonly carved shapes of jade bangles. Different shapes provide different levels of comfort during everyday wear. The different shapes also either make it easier or harder to wear and remove a jade bangle.

What jade bangle size is suitable for me?

Now onto the jade bangle sizing, the most important measurement would be the inner diameter of the jade bangle. This is the area which your hand will need to pass through, comfortably, to wear a specific bangle. All jade bangles in our online store have this measurement indicated clearly since this is main measurement that will determine whether a bangle will fit or not. A measurement of one’s wrist, when it is squeezed, is needed and the images below gives an illustration of how this measurement can be taken. With this measurement, the table in Step 4 below provides an estimation of the inner diameter that should be suitable for comfortable wearing. The values provided in the table are estimated and provide a range. This is primarily due to the variability in the flexibility of one’s hands. If you have a highly flexible hand which can adjust more while being pushed through a bangle, a smaller size that the recommended range might be possibly worn with no discomfort.

In our online store, a wide range of varying jade bangle sizes is available for browsing but due to the uniqueness of fine jadeite, bangles are often found in exclusive sizes. If you do have any queries on the information provided above, feel free to reach out to us via WhatsApp or contact us here.