Jade Bangle Dimensions

Jadeite bangles are probably the most associated jewellery with jade. Due to the way jadeite bangles are crafted, fine jadeite bangles are the hardest to come by. Each jadeite bangle needs to be carved out of a single piece of jade and it is not easy to obtain a single material large enough to provide a rounded piece of fine jadeite bangle. Thus, fine jadeite bangles are highly sought after by jadeite collectors.

In this short article, we seek to illustrate some of the terms used in describing dimensions of our jade bangles uploaded in our online store. Dimensions for jadeite bangles are especially important because everyone’s wrists and hands differ in sizes and will only wear specific sizes of bangles. The inner diameter of jadeite bangles will be the important measurement as this will be the part of the bangle that needs to fit over the wearer’s hands.

An illustration below shows the 3 measurements that are provided with every jade bangle uploaded in our online store: Inner and outer diameters and broadness. Broadness of jadeite bangles do not typically affect the wearability of the bangles.