Product Photography

Being an online store, accuracy in product photography is very important. Colours need to be as close to the actual products as possible. 

For our product photos, all photos are taken on an Iphone 12 camera. The photos taken are subsequently uploaded online with a sRGB colour profile to maintain colour hues to be as accurate as possible. During photo taking, different angles result in different colour hues of the jadeite jewellery and we try our best to select and upload only photos that match the actual products in various lighting environments. 

Our eyes perceive colours differently in different lighting environments. To ensure that our customers truly get what they see online, we have also introduced photography of products indoors with specific colour temperatures as well. Details of the colour temperature and lighting environment might vary with time, but currently for indoor photography, the lighting is maintained in an LED lit environment with a 4000K colour temperature for consistency. 

Videos of each of our products are also uploaded together to provide a 360 degree view of our products. Custom designs of our gold and jewellery settings differ with each jewellery piece and with videos, a full view of the product can be appreciated, complementing the product photos accompanying each product in our online store. 

Feel free to reach out to us via WhatsApp or our contact form if there are any queries or any specific requests for additional views of our products. We will be happy to help with your requests.