Jade Jewellery Type A Guarantee

Jadeite has been a popular material for making jewellery for quite some time and due to the rarity of good quality material, there have been numerous inventions created that enhance the raw jadeite material to achieve more beautiful colours, albeit at the expense of other quality factors. 

At New Jade, we seek to collect the finest specimens of jadeite to craft into timeless jewellery. The effort to curate and select quality jadeite material is what sets our collection apart. Having said that, the prerequisite of any fine jadeite jewellery, is for the jadeite to be Type A or simply enhancement free. Truly natural jadeite of the finest quality is what we have in our collection and this is the premise of our business. Thus, we guarantee that all our products are Type A and in the event that they are proven otherwise, a return with full refund will be an unspoken promise. 

All of our products, above 1,500 SGD, are only sent in for testing after it has been purchased and will be delivered with a laboratory report certifying that the jadeite jewellery is natural and Type A. This does add to the delivery lead time however, we do this to provide absolute assurance that the jadeite has not been modified in any way since the laboratory reports have been created and the jadeite analysed. 

In instances where the jadeite is tested to be anything other than Type A, by NGI, the full amount of the purchased item will be refunded immediately. 

For products below 1,500 SGD, we do not provide laboratory reports to accompany the jadeite jewellery. However, on request, any product can be sent in for a laboratory report. A report will cost 80 SGD and this will be charged on top of the product retail price. 

Do connect with us at any time if you have any questions. Simply drop us a message on our contact form here or if reach out to us via WhatsApp.