Jadeite Cabochons

Jade cabochons are cut from a single piece of jadeite material and polished to have a rounded surface with a flat bottom. Cabochons have no facets but a single polished surface. Only the finest quality jadeite materials are crafted into cabochons since any impurities or cracks in the raw jadeite material will be very obvious in a jadeite cabochon. 

In jadeite, carvings are very popular and if there are any imperfections in the jadeite raw material, carvings will be applied to remove any undesirable qualities in the material. To find clean and translucent pieces with beautiful intense hues of colour in jadeite is an extremely tough ask. This results in the rarity of fine quality jadeite cabochon jewellery which are Type A and have not been chemically enhanced. 

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