Jade Jewellery Gift Guide

In a year, there are quite a few occasions requiring some thought into gift selection and purchasing. Right now, at the end of April, Mother’s Day is around the corner. 1 useful tip about gift selection that always comes to mind is, to find a gift that the receiver wants, but does not need and might not have otherwise purchased the item his or herself. But this tip is merely a guide for a whole wide spectrum of items to be gifted. In this article, we wish to provide more insights into selecting jewellery as a gift.

Jewellery can be categorized broadly into several types:

  1. Rings
  2. Earrings
  3. Necklaces; including pendants
  4. Bracelets and bangles

There are of course other types of jewellery but the 4 listed above covers quite a fair amount of the available jewellery to be purchased.

Next, we move on to the selection of a jewellery type that make good gifts. Jewellery unlike most other gifts, except for clothing, are very personal items. As such, size matters and will be specific to the receiver in most cases. Both rings and bangles depend very much on the exact sizes that the wearer requires. For rings, if the material is made of gold, resizing is possible, but this would most definitely reduce the instant gratification of having a beautiful new ring to wear. For bangles, in our case jade bangles, there is no way of resizing jadeite material to fit the wearer. Thus, unless the required sizes are known, purchasing rings or bangles as gifts will not be an easy task.

Jade Earrings



Earrings can be worn by everyone if they have ear piercings. At New Jade, our earrings are set with 18k gold in white, rose, or yellow gold without any nickel. However, a point to note is that there are certain metal alloys with nickel additives which will cause allergic reactions in individuals. This is probably the only note for earrings as gifts, especially when picking out precious metal earrings, making earrings a good option for gifts.

Jade Pendants

Pendants are another option to be selected as gifts. Pendants need to be set before they can be worn with a necklace and thus, the earlier issue with nickel allergies needs to be considered as well.

Jade Bracelets

Bracelets, unlike bangles, are not restricted to specific sizes. Most jadeite bracelets are strung with elastic bands which are hidden within the jadeite pieces and they allow for some degree of stretch to be worn over the hands onto the wrist. There are no gold or metal parts to most jadeite bracelets which removes the issue of any metal allergies.

To wrap it up, as far as jewellery types go, bracelets make good gift ideas since they are not size specific and probably can be worn by anyone. Earrings and pendants make good choices as well but there are some points to note before buying them as gifts.

Having said all the above, if ring sizes or bangle size information are available, then these will make perfectly customised and more thoughtful gifts. 

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or require any advice on gift selection.