Photography of Jade Earrings

Photography is especially important in online stores. Capturing the right colour and hue to be as accurate as possible is a priority in any product photo taking. On our online store, each product is photographed with utmost care to ensure that the resulting photograph matches the colour and is able to closely represent the lustre on each jade jewellery piece. Photographs are taken in natural lighting and were improved with the addition of indoor photos of each product. Jade, like many other gemstone jewellery, is highly sensitive to lighting conditions and can appear very differently under different lighting. Photographs in various lighting conditions help display our jade jewellery pieces more accurately.

A new introduction to our online store photography, is an additional photograph for each pair of jade earrings. This additional photograph will be taken with one side of the earrings worn on a resin mannequin. While dimensions of all jade jewellery are originally available on our online store, with regard to earrings, it is not easy to picture how the earrings will look like whilst being worn. The additional mannequin photographs will quite simply remove the need for a mental visualisation of the various earring sizes. Importantly, for jadeite cabochon earrings, a slight change in diameter makes quite a difference in look and feel of the earrings. Worn on the mannequin, the relative changes can be easily observed and compared.


Using a life sized resin mannequin for photography also has an added advantage. As compared to other jade jewellery, jade earrings are relatively more personal items. With regard to hygiene, photography using resin mannequins is a much cleaner option compared to real life models. In our online store, we do take cleanliness and hygiene seriously and each of our jewellery pieces is cleaned carefully. Using mannequins help with a more accurate size representation while maintaining our cleanliness standards.


This improvement in our photography was suggested by our loyal customers. Hopefully this change does help with the shopping experience on our online store. Here at New Jade, we hope to always improve in all aspects of our online store, and any suggestions are always welcome via WhatsApp or through our contact form.