Relative Sizes of Jade Cabochon Stud Earrings

Jade cabochons are among the 3 classic shapes of fine natural jade. Jade bangles and beads are the other 2 classic shapes that are traditionally prized for fine jade jewellery. The main reason for this is because of the larger jadeite material that is required to craft these beautiful jewellery shapes. With jade carvings, different designs can be chosen that help to remove inclusions and other undesired material from a particular raw jadeite material. However, with cabochons and other smooth surfaced jade jewellery, it is extremely difficult to find a suitably large raw jade block that can result in a fine cabochon that is devoid of inclusions whilst having a beautiful and saturated colour.

Finding a single cabochon of fine jadeite material is hard as it is. But finding a matching pair in similar colour hues and dimensions is an even harder task. Thus, jade cabochon earrings in fine quality are even rarer and difficult to obtain. Due to the rarity of fine jadeite raw material, larger cabochon earrings are exponentially harder to craft and with their rarity, larger jade cabochon pairs are extremely highly prized and make investment worthy jewellery.

Size Differences

Jadeite cabochon earrings are measured by the millimetre. Slight increases in size actually do affect the look and feel of these beautiful jade earrings while being worn. While it may seem clear and definitive, dimensions on paper are hard to visualise. With the recent introduction of photographs with the earrings worn on mannequin heads, these slight size differences are made very clear and obvious. This is especially apparent with stud earrings. Here are some jadeite cabochon earrings in stud earring designs. The product images are closed scaled for a more accurate representation. Placed side by side, the effect of different sizes of cabochons earrings is more easily observed.

Wearability of Jade Cabochon Earrings

Our jadeite cabochon earrings are usually set with a classic halo of diamonds as stud earrings to emphasise the beauty of the jadeite cabochons. Placed directly on the ear, different sizes of the jadeite cabochon pairs have very different effects on one’s appearance. Smaller pairs are suitable for daily wear while larger pairs give a more sophisticated and exquisite look since the bright vivid colours of jade cabochon earrings do stand out quite significantly. This is especially so for larger cabochon earrings.


Fine jade cabochons with good translucency allow light to defuse into the jadeite material. With fine grained crystal aggregates, the effect of light on fine jadeite cabochons is mesmerising. Jadeite cabochons with good translucency and fine texture are able to display beautiful hues of colour in an almost watery aqueous appearance. Various sizes of jade cabochon provide different looks and feels to an outfit. Find out more about our collection of exquisite jadeite cabochon earrings here. Do reach out via WhatsApp or our online contact form if you have any queries! Hope you enjoyed this short post!