Violet Jade

Definition of Violet

Violet is one of the 7 colours of light. These 7 colours make up the range of colours when light is split in a prism. The colour violet comes after the colours blue and indigo and represents a shade that is very similar to purple which is a mix of blue and red. In most definitions, violet represents a hue that contains more bluish tones than purple.

Lavender Jade
Lavender Flowers

In jade colour descriptions, violet is rarely used. The terms violet jade or purple jade are not as popular as the term lavender jade despite both colours being notable and popular in other contexts. The colour lavender is derived from the flower Lavender which has a light purple colour. It is much lighter than purple and does not have as much blue tones as violet. However, the term is used to describe a wide range of colours found in jadeite jewellery.

Hues of Lavender

As a simplification, the hue lavender can be explained as a mix of blue and red. If the colour has a deeper blue shade, then it would be closer to the violet colour. If the colour has more reds, then it would appear more towards the pinkish lavender hue which is closer to the purple colour. The jade pieces below showcase the shift from pinkish lavender to a more bluish violet hue in jade (left to right).

Pink Lavender NJE017 Violet Jade
Photo Taking Difficulties

An issue with violet or purple hues in jadeite is the difficulty in taking photos that are representative or accurate of the actual product. Cameras have a hard time capturing the correct colour hues and in most cases, the colours that are photographed are much more intense than the actual products. This issue is exacerbated with spot lights or strong indoor lighting. These intense lights amplify the colour intensity and resulting photos of violet jade or purple jade appear much more intense in colour. On our online store, product photos are taken with extreme care to ensure that the product photos are realistic and are representative of the actual product colours. This is especially true for lavender jade.

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