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Glassy Jadeite Earrings - Grapes (NJE173)

Glassy Jadeite Earrings - Grapes (NJE173)


This pair of jadeite earrings is crafted with jadeite carvings carefully arranged as 2 clusters of grapes. The grape berries are glassy jadeite cabochons and vivid green jadeite carvings set above the clusters of glassy jadeite represent parts of the leaves.

This unique design brings together carefully curated pieces of jadeite, chosen for their high translucency, beautiful vivid colours and pristine clarity. Set together in this cluster design, the effect is mesmerising. The natural jadeite earrings glisten beautifully in natural daylight and sparkle in dimmer indoor lighting conditions, making this pair of earrings perfect for all day wear. The fine quality jadeite carvings used in this eye-catching design also make this pair of earrings especially valuable.

This pair of natural jadeite earrings is set in 18K white gold with natural diamonds. The main photos are taken in natural lighting and there are 2 additional photos taken with indoor lighting to showcase the jadeite earrings in different types of lighting.


Highly translucent.


Clean without cracks.


Jade earrings are about 14.5mm long and 10.0mm wide each.


18K White gold with natural diamonds.

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