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Bluish Green Jade Abacus Ring | HK 16 (NJR257)

Bluish Green Jade Abacus Ring | HK 16 (NJR257)

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This is a translucent jadeite ring naturally decorated with bluish green patterns (飘蓝花). The streaks of colour are lively and dispersed beautifully within the jadeite abacus ring. The Chinese term of 飘蓝花 literally translates to "floating blue flowers" and this interesting appearance is contributed by the translucency of the jadeite material.

In this jadeite hololith ring, the clean and fine grained jadeite material gives an aesthetic contrast in colour to the vivid streaks of bluish green. The fine grained crystal structure creates a smooth and watery lustre that allows the jadeite ring to glow beautifully in light.

The jadeite ring is completely carved from Type A jadeite, without any enhancements. The main photos are taken in natural lighting and there are 2 additional photos taken in indoor lighting to showcase how the jade ring will look whilst worn indoors.




Clean without any cracks.


Ring size: HK 16 / US 7.25
Outer Diameter: 24.6mm
Inner Diameter: 18.0mm
Broadness: 5.0mm


Not Applicable.

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