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Icy Black Jade Abacus Ring | HK 17 (NJR252)

Icy Black Jade Abacus Ring | HK 17 (NJR252)

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This is a classic jade abacus ring showcasing a modern monochrome colour with an interesting design twist. The surface of this icy jadeite ring is carefully faceted with a geometric pattern of grids. Each grid is polished with a flat surface and together, the pattern of grids gives the jadeite ring a sparkly appearance with each grid catching and reflecting light in different angles.

This monochrome jadeite ring is striking with the inky black segment of the ring graduating to a grey colour, lighter in tone but with good translucency. The gradient of colour against a translucent jadeite material gives the ring its unique and natural appearance. With close inspection, small specks of dark green can be seen lightly decorating an area of the jadeite ring with higher translucency.

More information about jade abacus rings can be found in this article here.

This jadeite ring is guaranteed Type A, without enhancements. The main photos are taken in natural lighting. The last 2 photos are taken indoors to give a good representation of the colour and quality of the jadeite ring in different lighting conditions.


Highly translucent.


Clean without any cracks.


Ring size: HK 17 / US 7.75
Outer Diameter: 23.0mm
Inner Diameter: 18.5mm
Broadness: 5.5mm


Not applicable.

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