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Lavender Jade Abacus Ring | HK 12.5 (NJR258)

Lavender Jade Abacus Ring | HK 12.5 (NJR258)

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This jadeite ring is a hololith ring fully carved from Type A jadeite. The jadeite ring showcases a natural splash of pinkish lavender colour on one side of the hololith ring. This eye-catching colour is especially beautiful with its striking contrast against the milky white base colour of the jadeite ring.

Lavender with pinkish or reddish hues is an uncommon colour in natural jadeite and is sometimes referred to simply as pink jadeite. Pinkish hues lend a bright and cheerful appearance to lavender colours which can be more subtle in appearance. In this jadeite ring, the blend of pinkish lavender and milky white is refreshing and lovely to wear. The clarity throughout this jadeite hololith also gives this jadeite ring a clean and polished look.

The jadeite ring is guaranteed Type A jadeite, without enhancements. The main product photos of this jadeite ring are taken in outdoors in natural daylight and the last 2 additional photos taken in indoor lighting. These photos are taken very carefully to be accurate in their colour representation and easily showcase the intensity of the pink lavender hue, even in strong natural lighting.




Clean without any cracks.


Ring size: HK 12.5 / US 5.75
Outer Diameter: 25.3mm
Inner Diameter: 16.7mm
Broadness: 5.9mm


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