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Black Jade Bangle | 56mm (NJBA037)

Black Jade Bangle | 56mm (NJBA037)


This natural jade bangle has variants of the colour grey ranging from absolute black to a contrasting colourless patch of translucent jadeite material. Naturally formed, the flowing patterns of grayscale tones in the Type A jade bangle are completely unique and one-of-a-kind.

Shape of this black jadeite bangle is round and wears lightly due to its slim profile. Paired with its monochromatic look, the jadeite bangle is very versatile and wears beautifully in casual to formal outfits.

All photos featured are taken in natural lighting and are not enhanced in any way. What you see here is representative of the actual quality of the jadeite. The jadeite bangle is natural and Type A.




No cracks.


Bangle is round with a cylindrical cross-section.
Outer Diameter: 69.3mm
Inner Diameter: 56.3mm
Bangle (Round) Broadness: 6.7mm


Not Applicable

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