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Black Jade Bead Bracelet (NJBA073)

Black Jade Bead Bracelet (NJBA073)


This bracelet is made up of 16 black jade beads carved from a single raw jadeite stone. This gives the Type A jadeite beads in the jade bracelet a consistent hue and jadeite quality. The jade material differs from that of Omphacite jade which tends to be evenly black throughout. Slightly grey patches can be seen on the jade beads in areas that are more translucent. The different levels of translucency also results in an overall mix of black and grey hues of the jade bracelet. The highly glossy and well polished jade beads have an interesting feature with the appearance of several specks of beautiful green hue found on a couple of the jadeite beads.

In Feng Shui, black is typically associated with the water element. Black jade is popularly worn for Feng Shui practices as a powerful shield against negative energies or 辟邪 in Chinese.

This jade beads bracelet can be customised with a 24K gold "pixiu" carving similar to NJBA063. Enquire to find out more.

The black jadeite bracelet is guaranteed Type A, without enhancements. The main photos are taken in natural lighting with the last 2 photos taken in indoor lighting. The photos seek to accurately showcase how the jade bracelet will look in different lighting conditions.




No cracks.


Jadeite Bead Diameter: 12.7mm
Jade bracelet is made of 16 round beads. The bracelet will fit a wrist circumference of below 18cm comfortably.


Not applicable.

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