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Blue Sapphire Cabochons Bracelet - 4.15CT (NJBA112)

Blue Sapphire Cabochons Bracelet - 4.15CT (NJBA112)

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This sapphire bracelet is crafted with 20 blue sapphires classically set in 18K white gold. The 4.15 carats natural blue sapphires are carved and polished in the shape of cabochons. Each sapphire cabochon is bezel set with white gold, creating a vintage, timeless feel in this elegant sapphire bracelet.

In this blue sapphire bracelet, each blue sapphire cabochon is smoothly polished and showcases a unique gradient of blue colours. In some of the sapphire cabochons, the blue hue has a gradient in saturation, with a part of the cabochon completely colourless, blending to a pure blue hue in the rest of the cabochon. Photos of this sapphire bracelet can be enlarged and zoomed in on larger screens (e.g. desktop computers) to view each sapphire cabochon clearly.

As a note, this set of blue sapphire cabochons is natural blue sapphires that have been heated in industry-accepted temperatures to enhance the intensity of the blue colour and their clarity.

The main photos are taken in natural lighting and there are 2 additional photos taken with indoor lighting to showcase how the sapphire bracelet will look whilst worn indoors.






Each blue sapphire cabochon measures about 4mm in length. Length of the sapphire bracelet is adjustable and it can be worn at varying lengths from 14.5cm to 17.0cm.


18K White gold.

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