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Glassy Jade Cabochon Earrings (NJE140)

Glassy Jade Cabochon Earrings (NJE140)


This pair of exceptional jadeite earrings features 2 colourless jadeite cabochons exhibiting near transparent translucency and pristine clarity. In both jadeite cabochons, the high translucency is accentuated with a light that shimmers within the jadeites' dome shapes. This glowing shimmer is especially noticeable in this pair of cabochons because of their significant sizes.

Measuring more than 13mm in diameter, the jadeite cabochons wear prominently and add a glamorous touch to any outfit. Both cabochons are also completely round in shape with a proportionate domed surface, measuring 7mm at its thickest point. This thickness is more than half of the diameter of the cabochons and this proportion is what gives the cabochons a well-rounded dome shape which greatly accentuates the beauty of the cabochon earrings.

Jadeite cabochons are one of the classic shapes of jadeite jewellery. Cabochons are difficult to fashion due to the amount of jadeite rough required and larger jadeite cabochons with fine quality are exponentially difficult to find, especially in matching pairs. This pair of glassy jadeite cabochons represents incredible investment value because of its rare combination of matching round sizes and exemplary jadeite qualities.

The main photos are taken in natural lighting and there are 2 additional photos taken with indoor lighting to showcase the jadeite in different types of lighting. This helps to provide a good view of how the jade jewellery looks like under different lighting conditions to provide as accurate a representation as possible of these beautiful jade cabochons.


Near transparent.


Clean without cracks.


Jadeite round cabochons measure 13.6mm in diameter with thickness 7.5mm.


18K White gold with natural round and teardrop diamonds weighing 1.56cts in total.

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