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Glassy Jade Ring - Plum Blossom (NJR178)

Glassy Jade Ring - Plum Blossom (NJR178)

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Delicately carved as a flower blossom, this glassy jadeite is subtly set in 18K rose gold with a single natural diamond in its centre. The Type A jadeite has a clear, pristine look being almost completely colourless with a light touch of green on one of its carved petals.

Almost transparent, this jadeite carving is glassy in appearance with shimmery, glowing petals. Carved as a plum blossom, the petals of the flower carving have well-rounded dome surfaces. The glowing effect displayed in this jadeite flower is due to the translucency and fine crystal aggregates of the jadeite material.

The main photos are taken in natural lighting. The last 2 additional photos are taken with indoor lighting. These photos are carefully taken to provide as accurate a representation as possible of the jadeite quality.


Near transparent.


Clean with no cracks.


Ring sizes: HK 13 / US 6
Diameter of glassy jade carving is 11.6mm with a thickness of 2.8mm. 


Set in 18K rose gold with a natural diamond.

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