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Glassy Jadeite Cabochon Earrings (NJE003)

Glassy Jadeite Cabochon Earrings (NJE003)


This is a glassy, highly translucent and lustrous pair of natural jadeite cabochons set as a pair of earrings. The base material of the jadeite in this pair is clear and consists of very fine crystal aggregates which allows for the jadeite material to appear extremely smooth and lustrous.

The jadeite material is carved from a single raw stone that produced a ring in our collection as well. The glassy jadeite cabochon ring, NJR003, bears the same quality as this pair of earrings. The gold and diamond setting on this pair of earrings is also designed in a similar fashion with elegant baguette shaped diamonds set in single halos around the jadeite cabochons.

As usual, the jadeite cabochons are Type A and are completely natural. Photographs taken are in natural daylight and are representative of the actual physical products. There are 2 additional photos taken with indoor lighting to showcase the jadeite in different types of lighting.




No cracks or inclusions.


Jadeite cabochons measure 6.6 x 5.2 x 2.5mm & 6.5 x 5.3 x 2.5mm.


18K White gold set with a single halo of baguette shaped diamonds on each side.

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