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Glassy Jadeite Cabochon Ring (NJR021)

Glassy Jadeite Cabochon Ring (NJR021)


A glassy Type A jadeite cabochon ring set with 18K white gold and natural diamonds.

The jadeite clarity and translucency is very similar to NJR001 albeit being very slightly smaller in dimensions. The jadeite cabochon has a very beautiful glow due to the adularescence effect only seen in highly translucent jadeite cabochons with a good thickness. In this particular jadeite cabochon, the thickness measures at about 4.8mm which is a very good thickness giving the cabochon a delightful domed shape when viewed sideways.

A key note in this particular glassy jadeite is the clarity within the jadeite material. Despite its high clarity, no inclusions can be seen within the jadeite cabochon even from up close.

The jadeite cabochon in this jade ring is natural Type A and has not been enhanced. The main photos are taken in natural lighting and there are 2 additional photos taken with indoor lighting. For reference, the indoor lighting has a colour temperature of 4000K reflective of most indoor lighting environments today.




Clean with no visible inclusions.


Ring size: HK 14 / US 6.25
Jadeite cabochon measures 10mm long and 8mm wide and 4mm thick.


18K White gold with a halo of natural diamonds around the jade cabochon.

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