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Glassy Jadeite Cabochons Necklace (NJN023)

Glassy Jadeite Cabochons Necklace (NJN023)

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This jadeite necklace comprises of 2 glassy jadeite cabochons that dangle off 2 separate gold chains. The layered necklace design allows both glassy jadeite cabochons to sit and dangle separately, in perfect alignment, whilst worn.

The 2 jadeite cabochons in this necklace are carved from the same jadeite rough which results in a similar fine quality. Both jadeite cabochons showcase spotless clarity and the highest level of translucency.

The jadeite cabochons are guaranteed Type A, without enhancements. The main photos are taken in natural lighting with the last 2 photos taken in indoor lighting. The photos seek to accurately showcase how the jade necklace will look in different lighting conditions.


Near transparent.


No cracks or inclusions.


Jadeite cabochons measure 6.3 x 5.4 x 3.8mm and 5 x 5 x 3.4mm. The inner gold chain is 16 inches long while the outer chain is 17 inches long. 


18K Rose gold.

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