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Glassy Jadeite Ring - Hu Lu 葫芦 (NJR066)

Glassy Jadeite Ring - Hu Lu 葫芦 (NJR066)


Dainty in size, this jadeite ring features a highly translucent jade carved as a Hu Lu or 葫芦 in Chinese. The miniature sized Hu Lu is exquisite in quality and exhibits a glassy lustre that is found in fine jadeite jewellery.

Hu Lu 葫芦 carvings are very auspicious symbols and are often used in Feng Shui applications. In this Type A jade ring, the Hu Lu jade piece is subtle in appearance and whilst worn, appears almost like a clear drop of water frozen in place atop the white gold ring. 18K white gold is used in the setting of the ring. The gold band has a spiral design which is comfortable to wear and adds a "twist" to the traditional band design.

This jadeite ring is natural Type A and has not been enhanced. The photos are taken in natural lighting and great care has been taken to provide as accurate a representation as possible of our jade pieces.


Highly translucent.


Clean without any cracks.


Ring size: HK 13 / US 6
Jadeite Hu Lu measures 7.0mm long, 4.2mm wide and 2.2mm thick.


This ring is set in 18K white gold. The icy jade Hu Lu is flanked by 2 natural diamonds.

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