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Glassy Jadeite Safety Coin Pendant (NJP068)

Glassy Jadeite Safety Coin Pendant (NJP068)

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This jadeite "safety coin" carving (平安扣) has a mesmerising combination of high translucency and very fine crystal aggregates. These 2 quality traits create a jadeite material which has a glass-like appearance with a soft, shimmery glow that emanates from within the jadeite.

In this jadeite pendant, the translucency of the jadeite is emphasized by the streaks of bright green that appear to be floating within the glassy jadeite. Because of its translucency, the 3 dimensional shape of the streaks of colour is easily observed. Soft, cotton-like flakes of white can be seen "floating" within the jadeite carving, having the effect of swirling snow, suspended in time and space. This beautiful mix of colours and "swirling snow" is only possible because of the glassy translucency and fine crystal aggregate structure of the jadeite carving.

The pendant is set in 18k white gold, with a pendant hook embellished with natural diamonds in different shapes. The channel of sparkly diamonds tapers in size elegantly from the top of the pendant hook to the center hole in the jadeite "safety coin" carving.

The jadeite pendant is Type A and is completely natural. The main photos are taken in natural lighting and there are 2 additional photos taken with indoor lighting for an accurate representation of the colour and quality of this carved jadeite pendant.




No cracks 


Jade Diameter: 19.8mm
Jade Thickness: 5.6mm


18K White gold with natural diamonds. 

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