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Green Jade Cabochon Ring (NJR037)

Green Jade Cabochon Ring (NJR037)


Vivid green hues are highly sought after in jadeite jewellery. This Type A jadeite cabochon ring has an intensely saturated green hue which carries no other secondary hue.

A watery sheen can be noticed in this jade cabochon in any lighting conditions. This is due to the very fine crystal aggregate structure in the jadeite material coupled with a high translucency. The high translucency also allows one to observe the beautiful clarity of the jadeite cabochon as well as the smoothness of the vivid green hue.

This jade cabochon ring is set in 18K white gold and adorned with round and teardrop shaped natural diamonds. Sitting above the gold setting, the jade cabochon has a decent dome shape with a thickness of about 3mm.

The jadeite cabochon in this jade ring is guaranteed Type A and has not been enhanced. The main photos are taken in natural lighting and there are 2 additional photos taken with indoor lighting. The various photos seek to give a realistic representation of the jade ring.


Highly translucent.


Clean with no visible inclusions.


Ring size: HK 14 / US 6.5
Jadeite cabochon measures 9.3mm long, 8.2mm wide and 3mm thick.


18K White gold with a halo of natural diamonds around the jade cabochon.

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