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Green Jade Earrings (NJE196)

Green Jade Earrings (NJE196)

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This pair of dangling earrings features 2 natural jadeite pieces carved as cylinders. The jadeite cylinders are polished beautifully with clean, straight lines and are set with 18K white gold, creating a modern and sleek design.

This pair of jadeite cylinders has a pure and soothing hue of green that evenly covers both jadeite carvings. The consistent hue of green wears exquisitely as dangling earrings, allowing the soothing green jade to be viewed from all angles. With good translucency and clarity without dark inclusions, this pair of jadeite carvings makes a striking pair of dangling earrings.

The main photos are taken in natural lighting and there are 2 additional photos taken with indoor lighting to showcase the jadeite in different types of lighting. This helps to provide a good view of how the jade earrings look like indoors to provide as accurate a representation as possible of this jadeite jewellery.




Clean without cracks.


Jade cylinders have a length of 35mm and thickness 3.8mm. Full length of each dangling earring is about 45mm.


18K White gold with natural diamonds.

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