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Green Jade Ring (NJR053)

Green Jade Ring (NJR053)


This is a vivid green jade ring with a more contemporary design. The jadeite used in this ring has a rectangular cuboid shape which gives the ring an angular look. The vivid hue of green present in this jadeite is accompanied with a good level of translucency and fine crystal aggregates, resulting in a highly polished and lustrous finish to the jadeite.

This jade ring is Type A and is set with 18K white gold. Natural diamonds are encrusted around the cuboid jadeite, adding a sparkly brilliance to the vivid green hue of the jade.

Photographs are taken in natural lighting and are not enhanced in any way. The last two photos are taken indoor to give an accurate representation of how the jadeite ring appears in different lighting.




No cracks.


Ring size: HK 18 / US 8.25
The rectangular jadeite piece measures approximately 9.6mm by 5.4mm.


18K White gold band encrusted with diamonds.

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