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Green Jadeite Carved Earrings (NJE164)

Green Jadeite Carved Earrings (NJE164)

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Delicately carved with floral motifs on both sides, this pair of jadeite earrings displays a pure white colour that gradually blends to a fresh and lively hue of green. The dangling design of this pair of earrings allows light to penetrate the jadeite material easily. Against the white jadeite, without any hint of dark spots, the fresh green splashes of colour are prominently showcased whilst worn. This jadeite pair offers a refreshingly contemporary design with classic jadeite craftsmanship.

Intricacy in this pair of carved jadeite earrings can be observed from the fine polish on every single surface of the carvings. Polishing such small surfaces in carvings can only be performed by hand and this in itself, is a good indication of the level of workmanship present. Another detail to note is that both surfaces of the earrings are carved and polished, allowing the pair of jadeite earrings to glint beautifully when it catches the light.

This pair of jadeite carvings is set with 18K white gold and decorated with natural sparkling diamonds. The jadeite earrings are Type A and are completely natural. The main photos are taken in natural lighting and there are 2 additional photos taken with indoor lighting to showcase the dangling jadeite earrings in different types of lighting.




Clean without cracks. 


Jadeite carvings measure 33.7mm in length and 13.5mm in width with a thickness of 1.8mm each.


18K White gold set with natural diamonds.

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