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Green Jadeite Carved Earrings (NJE177)

Green Jadeite Carved Earrings (NJE177)

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This is a pair of dangling jadeite earrings carved in elegant teardrop shapes. Both sides of each green jadeite carving are decorated with intricate floral motifs that accentuate the classic appeal of this pair of green jade earrings.

The green in this pair of jade earrings is a soothing shade of green with a consistent saturation and good translucency in both jadeite carvings. When it catches the light, this pair of dangling jade earrings glow with a soothing hue of green with the smooth polished edges of the motifs visible from all angles.

This pair of green jadeite earrings are set in 18K white gold with natural diamonds elegantly decorating its dangling earrings design.

The jadeite earrings are Type A and are completely natural. The main photos are taken in natural lighting and there are 2 additional photos taken with indoor lighting to showcase the dangling jadeite earrings in different types of lighting.




Clean without cracks. 


Jadeite carvings measure 14.4mm in length and 7.2mm in width with a thickness of 1.8mm each. Full length of the earrings is 30mm.


18K White gold set with natural diamonds.

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