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Green Jadeite Ring - Hu Lu 葫芦 (NJR125)

Green Jadeite Ring - Hu Lu 葫芦 (NJR125)


This dainty jadeite ring features a Type A jadeite carving of a Hu Lu or 葫芦 in Chinese. The jade carving is intricate in its craftsmanship and makes use of the beautiful colour gradient in this jadeite material to great effect, displaying an elegant blend of green hues across the body of the jadeite carving. This unique colour gradient adds a refreshing look to this classic jadeite Hu Lu 葫芦 carving.

Hu Lu 葫芦 carvings are very auspicious symbols and are often used in Feng Shui applications. Hu Lu carvings represent health and prosperity while being able to absorb away any surrounding negative energies.

Set in 18K white gold, this jadeite carving is flanked by 2 brilliant cut, natural diamonds to give the jadeite ring an extra sparkly look. The gold ring band is crafted in a spiral design which is comfortable to wear and adds a "twist" to the traditional band design.

This jadeite ring is natural Type A and has not been enhanced. The main photos are taken in natural lighting and there are 2 additional photos taken with indoor lighting to showcase how the jade ring will look like indoors.




Clean without any cracks.


Ring size: HK 13 / US 6
Jadeite Hu Lu measures 7.6mm long, 5.0mm wide and 2.0mm thick.


18K White gold with natural diamonds.

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