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Green Jadeite Ring - Hu Lu 葫芦 (NJR262)

Green Jadeite Ring - Hu Lu 葫芦 (NJR262)

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This jadeite cluster ring is crafted with 7 vivid green jadeite carvings intricately set in 18K gold. The vividly coloured jadeite pieces are carved in the shape of tiny gourd fruits. This carving is popularly termed as Hu Lu or 葫芦 in Chinese. In Feng Shui practices, Hu Lu carvings represent health and prosperity while also being used to absorb away any surrounding negative energies. Set in this cluster ring, whilst being striking in their colour, these tiny Hu Lu carvings are less obvious in their shape.

This ring is designed to resemble a real-life bottle gourd plant with the vivid green gourds surrounded by tiny leaves represented by the natural marquise and round diamonds. The ring band is set with 18K black gold that is skilfully finished with a matte surface that closely appears as the woody vines of a gourd tree.

The jadeite carvings in this jade ring are Type A jadeite and have not been enhanced. The main photos are taken in natural lighting and the last 2 photos are taken in indoor lighting. The pure green hue of this jadeite ring is vivid in different lighting conditions and retains a lustrous glow even in dimmer indoor lighting, without any grey tones.


Highly translucent.


Clean with no cracks.


Ring size: HK 13 / US 6


18K White gold with natural round and marquise diamonds weighing 0.123cts.

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