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Green Jadeite Safety Coin Ring & Earrings - 平安扣 (NJS006)

Green Jadeite Safety Coin Ring & Earrings - 平安扣 (NJS006)



This jade jewellery set consists of a pair of jade earrings and a matching ring. All 3 individual pieces feature a pure green jadeite disc, also widely known as safety coins in jade jewellery carvings. The jadeite discs are Type A jadeite and are intricately set in 18K yellow gold encrusted with natural diamonds.

The jadeite discs found in this jade jewellery set are carved from a single raw jade material which gives the discs a consistent green hue with a good level of translucency throughout the jadeite material.

All jadeite pieces are natural Type A jade and the colour hue and translucency as seen in the photos are as representative as photos come. The last 2 photos in the set are taken in indoor lighting. They showcase how the jade jewellery displays no indication of dark tones even in indoor lighting.




No cracks.


Earring safety coins measure about 5.3mm in diameter and 1.5mm in thickness.
Ring safety coin measures 5.7mm in diameter and 1mm in thickness.
Ring size: HK 14 / US 6.5


18K yellow gold and natural diamonds.

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