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Green with Lavender Jade Pendant - 平安无事牌 (NJP021)

Green with Lavender Jade Pendant - 平安无事牌 (NJP021)


This Type A jade pendant has a rectangular shape with no carvings on the surface. In terms of jadeite quality, this is made possible because no inclusions are found on the surface of the jadeite material that require removal. In Feng Shui, the uncarved block of jadeite represents peace and safety for the pendant wearer. In Chinese, this is also known as a 平安无事牌.

The jadeite material used in this pendant is bi-coloured and has a bright translucent green top which gradually shifts to a translucent light lavender hue.

The main photos are taken in natural lighting and there are 3 additional photos taken with indoor lighting to showcase how the jade pendant will look like indoors.




Clean without cracks.

Dimensions Of Jade

Length: 41.3mm
Width: 13.4mm
Thickness: 4.4mm


18K White gold pendant clasp which allows pendant to be worn in both directions.

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