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Greenish Blue Jade Bracelet - Round Beads (NJBA126)

Greenish Blue Jade Bracelet - Round Beads (NJBA126)

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This jade bracelet is strung with 19 round Type A jadeite beads that display an even hue of greenish blue throughout every single bead. The greenish blue colour shifts depending on the lighting condition because of the high translucency of the jadeite material. When it catches the light, this jadeite beads bracelet glows with a watery blue colour reminiscent of ocean waters.

Carved from a single jadeite rough, this set of jadeite beads is carefully selected and chosen from its even colour hue, high translucency and also pristine clarity. With its good translucency, clarity of every bead can be observed easily. Lustrously polished, the natural jadeite beads are luxuriously smooth and cool to touch, making this jadeite bracelet perfect for daily wear.

The main photos are taken in natural lighting and are not enhanced in any way. The last 2 photos are taken in indoor lighting with a warmer colour temperature to showcase how the jade beads look in typical indoor lighting. The photos are taken very carefully to be showcased accurately the colour and quality of the jadeite beads.

For jadeite beads size comparisons, do refer to this page with photos of various beaded bracelets in a range of different sizes.




No cracks.


Jadeite Bead Diameter: 10mm
Jade bracelet is made of 19 round beads and will fit a wrist circumference of below 17cm comfortably.


Not Applicable

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