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Icy Black Jade Earrings (NJE195)

Icy Black Jade Earrings (NJE195)


This is a pair of dangling jadeite earrings displaying a modern black and white colour combination. The black hue in this jadeite pair is formed as streaks of black, resembling black ink spreading out in water. This effect is pronounced given the high translucency of the jadeite. The remaining portions of the jadeite are completely translucent and this also allows the streaks of black to be even more pronounced against the clear, icy jadeite.

This pair of natural jadeite earrings is set in 18K white gold and are to be worn with earring studs. The jadeite carvings are designed to dangle off the ear lobes which allows light to pass through the jadeite, emphasizing the natural streaks of black that make this pair of earrings so striking. Natural diamonds adorn the earring studs and add an extra touch of elegance.

The main photos are taken in natural lighting and there are 2 additional photos taken with indoor lighting to showcase the jadeite in different types of lighting. This helps to provide a good view of how the jade earrings look under different lighting conditions to provide as accurate a representation as possible of our jade pieces.


Highly translucent.


Clean without cracks.


Jadeite carvings measure about 17mm by 12mm each with a thickness of about 2.3mm. Full length of each earring is about 27mm.


18K White gold with natural diamonds.

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