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Icy Bluish Flower Jade Pendant - Dragon (NJP072)

Icy Bluish Flower Jade Pendant - Dragon (NJP072)

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This natural jadeite pendant has an intricate carving of a dragon. The detailed carving is completely finished by hand and level of craftsmanship is extremely fine. Dragons are mythical creatures and their imagery is used popularly in Feng Shui as a symbol of success, abundance, and good luck.

This jadeite pendant is carved from fine jadeite material that displays natural bluish-green patterns or Piao Hua 飘花. The bluish-green colours form beautiful colour gradients that spread gently across the colourless and highly translucent jadeite pendant. Worn against one's skin, the full translucency of the Type A jadeite is showcased with the image of the dragon carved upon the icy jadeite with swirls of bluish-green.

A really fine trait of this jadeite pendant is the combination of translucency and fine texture of the jadeite. Flipping the jadeite pendant about and viewing the pendant from the back, the completely flawless surface of the uncarved side of the pendant can be observed. Devoid of visible inclusions or large crystal aggregates, the fine quality of this jadeite pendant can be easily discerned in this view where the detailed dragon carving appears almost like a hologram projection within the jadeite.

This carved jadeite pendant is set with 18K white gold and has a gold pendant hook encrusted in natural diamonds. The main photos are taken in natural lighting and there are 3 additional photos taken with indoor lighting. Photographs are taken very carefully to provide an accurate representation of the colours and quality of the jadeite pendant in different lighting conditions.


Highly translucent


Clean without cracks.

Dimensions of Jadeite 

Height: 34.8mm
Width: 26.3mm
Thickness: 5.0mm


18K White gold adorned with natural diamonds.

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