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Icy Green Jade Pendant - Butterfly Fairy (NJP056)

Icy Green Jade Pendant - Butterfly Fairy (NJP056)

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A fresh mint green with high translucency, the colour of this jadeite pendant gives off a refreshing and invigorating aura. The jadeite centrepiece has an intricate carving of a butterfly fairy. Against the light, the translucent jadeite has a jelly-like appearance that emphasises the smooth curves of the delicate carving.

Interestingly, because of the even green hue of the jadeite, this whimsical jadeite carving has an abstract appearance to it when viewed from a distance. At first glance, the pendant carving has an almost floral design, resembling petals of a flower. On closer inspection, the carving is incredibly detailed and intricate. With its even colour hue and high clarity, the jadeite fairy carving is 3-dimensional and has a lifelike demeanour.

This beautiful jadeite fairy pendant is exquisitely set with 18K white gold and elegantly decorated with natural diamonds. The jadeite carving is guaranteed Type A, without enhancements. The main photos are taken in natural lighting and there are 2 additional photos taken in indoor lighting to showcase how the jade pendant will look whilst worn indoors.


Highly translucent.


Clean without any cracks.


Jadeite carving measures 29.6mm in length and 20.1mm in width with a thickness of 3.7mm.


18K White gold adorned with natural diamonds.

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