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Icy Green Jade Pendant with Necklace (NJN020)

Icy Green Jade Pendant with Necklace (NJN020)


This jadeite and gold necklace is designed as a budding sapling with 2 leaves, 1 carved from Type A jadeite and the other crafted with 18K yellow gold. The stem and roots of the sapling are made of 18K gold with natural diamonds, symbolising droplets of water, decorating the roots of the sapling. Details of the tiny sapling pendant are very intricate with the gold stem and leaf beautifully etched for a lifelike resemblance.

The jadeite carving featured in this pendant is specially selected for its smooth flowing shape, similar to a leaf, and its fresh hue of green. The fresh green colour gives the pendant a most refreshing appearance in line with the symbolism of growth and youth associated with a plant sapling.

This jade and gold pendant has a connected 18K gold necklace which can be adjusted in length for different wearing styles. Do note that this necklace cannot be removed.

All photos featured are taken in natural lighting and are not enhanced in any way. As an honest and fair practice, we try to photograph our jade jewellery to be as representative as possible of their natural colours. Last 2 photos in the set are taken in indoor lighting. This showcases how the jadeite jewellery will look like in indoor settings.




Clean without cracks.


Pendant measures about 25mm in width and 18mm in height. Green jadeite piece measures 15.2mm in length and 7.6mm in width with thickness 4.2mm.
Length of gold necklace can be adjusted to be worn at about 17.5, 16.5 or 15.5 inches.


This pendant is set with 18K yellow gold with natural diamonds. The attached gold necklace is crafted with 18K yellow gold. The gold chain is not removable.

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