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Icy Green Jadeite Cabochon (NJR261)

Icy Green Jadeite Cabochon (NJR261)

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This is a loose, unset jadeite cabochon. Jadeite cabochons are classically carved in a double-dome shape with both the top surface and bottom surface carved. This shape of carving can be observed in this unset jadeite cabochon.

Displaying a bright green hue, this jadeite cabochon offers a refreshing look, especially with its good translucency. The translucency in this jadeite gives it an icy appearance with light being able to penetrate the jadeite cabochon, allowing the jadeite to glow lustrously in natural lighting. Streaks of vivid green within the cabochon can also be observed, emphasizing the translucency of the jadeite material. This jadeite cabochon also displays a gradient of green hues with a half of the cabochon exhibiting a more vivid hue of green. This gradient of colours and streaks of vivid green is striking and completely natural.

Measuring 12mm in length with a proportional oval shape, this green jade cabochon works well as a small sized pendant or a beautiful cocktail ring. This is an example of a pendant setting). This jadeite cabochon is available for purchase, as is, without any jewellery setting. If a custom jewellery setting is required, feel free to reach out to us via WhatsApp or via our Contact Form. Physical viewing of this jadeite cabochon can also be arranged in Singapore.

The jadeite cabochon is guaranteed Type A, without enhancements. The main photos are taken in natural lighting with the last 4 photos taken in indoor lighting. All photos are taken with great care to ensure colour accuracy.


Highly translucent.


Clean with no crack.


Jadeite cabochon measures 12.0mm long, 9.2mm wide and 5.1mm thick.


Not applicable.

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