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Icy Green Jadeite Cabochon Ring - Bird (NJR241)

Icy Green Jadeite Cabochon Ring - Bird (NJR241)

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This is a natural jadeite cabochon ring crafted in a playful yet highly intricate design. The highly translucent jadeite cabochon with its icy green appearance sits on top of the ring in the delicately crafted design of a bird.

As the body of the bird, the highly translucent jadeite cabochon glows with a watery lustre. The soothing hue of green beautifully contrasts the warm golden colour of the 18K rose gold and creates a lively mix of colours in this incredibly delicate ring design.

A symbol of new beginnings and hope, this tiny 18K gold bird sits at an angle on the ring's gold band, in a forward looking position. Natural diamonds decorate the wings of the golden bird, adding to the intricacy in this playful ring design. The 18K rose gold band in this natural jade ring is also skilfully designed as a branch, in a matte finish, that the golden bird is resting on.

The jadeite cabochon in this jade ring is completely natural and is Type A jadeite. The main photos are taken in natural lighting and the last 2 photos are taken in warm indoor lighting to showcase how the jade ring will look whilst worn indoors. All photos are taken with care to be as representative as possible.


Highly translucent.


Clean with no cracks.


The jadeite cabochon measures 6.7mm long, 5.8mm wide and 3.0mm in thickness.
Ring size: HK 13 / US 6


This ring is crafted in 18K rose gold and decorated with natural diamonds and rubies.

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