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Icy Greenish Blue Jade Beads Necklace (NJN022)

Icy Greenish Blue Jade Beads Necklace (NJN022)

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This jadeite beads necklace consists of 108 Type A jadeite beads that display an even blue hue in every single bead. The soothing blue hue carries a light tint of green and this colour combination gives the natural jadeite beads a colour similar to cool blue ocean waters.

Carved from a single jadeite rough, the jadeite beads have a consistent and even colour tone which is accentuated by high translucency of the jadeite material. The jadeite material has also very fine crystal aggregates allowing the beads to be polished to an extremely glossy finish.

The blue jadeite beads are strung together with two sets of 18K white gold and diamonds clasps. These clasps allow the jade beads necklace to be worn in multiple ways. The 32 inches long necklace can be worn separately as a shorter necklace of 24.75 inches long and a bracelet of 7.25 inches long. Pendants and charms can be added on to match the beads.

As a note, photos of the jade beads can be magnified and zoomed in, when viewed on a desktop or laptop.

All the photos featured are taken in natural lighting and are not enhanced in any way. As an honest and fair practice, we try to photograph our jade jewellery to be as representative as possible of their natural colours.


Highly translucent.




Jadeite Bead Diameter: 7.5mm
Full length of jade necklace (with gold clasps): 81cm / 32inches


18K White gold and natural diamonds.

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