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Icy Jade Necklace - Teardrop (NJN014)

Icy Jade Necklace - Teardrop (NJN014)


This elegant jadeite pendant incorporates an icy, highly translucent jadeite with the warm hue of yellow gold. The mix of cool and warm hues gives the icy pendant a luxurious appearance. Freshwater pearls complete the warm, lush look of this jade pendant.

As the centrepiece of this necklace, the teardrop shaped pendant is a highly translucent and colourless jadeite set with a halo of natural diamonds. The jadeite centrepiece is completely clear, without any visible inclusions and has a very fine crystal aggregate structure. The dense crystals allows for smooth polished finish, complete with a shimmery lustre.

The jade pendant is attached to a 18K yellow gold chain with an interesting adjustable design. The side of the necklace with the string of pearls can be adjusted to allow the jade pendant to hang at different drop lengths. With a minimal drop (photos 5 and 6), the necklace can be worn at 3 different lengths: 15.75 / 16.75 / 18 inches. Adjusting the length of the drop of the jadeite pendant, the necklace can be shortened to accommodate and complementing different outfits.

The main photos are taken in natural lighting and there are 2 additional photos taken with indoor lighting. Natural jade can appear differently in different lighting conditions and we seek to provide as accurate a representation as possible for our jade jewellery. The jade used in this pendant is guaranteed natural and Type A.


Highly translucent.


Clean with no cracks.

Dimensions of Pendant

Teardrop jadeite piece measures about 9.0mm in length and 5.8mm in width with a thickness of about 3.0mm.

Necklace length (adjustable): 15.75 - 18inches


18K Yellow gold with natural diamonds and freshwater pearls.

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