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Icy Jade Ring - Golden Toad (NJR175)

Icy Jade Ring - Golden Toad (NJR175)

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This icy jadeite ring features a jadeite centrepiece carved into an abstract shape of a mythical Golden Toad 金蟾, a popular Feng Shui charm for prosperity and wealth. This Golden Toad carving is unique with its single hind leg thus this mythical creature is also often termed as a three-legged toad.

This Golden Toad is carved from a highly translucent jadeite which is completely colourless. The lightly carved jadeite appears like an icy jadeite cabochon when viewed from afar with its intricate details noticeable only up close. Set in 18K white gold and subtly adorned with natural diamonds, this carved jadeite ring wears with elegance and is perfect for everyday wear.

This jadeite carving is Type A and has no treatments applied. The main photos are taken in natural lighting. The last 2 additional photos are taken with indoor lighting.


Highly translucent.


No cracks. 


Ring size: HK 13 / US 6
Jadeite piece measures 11.6mm by 9.2mm with thickness 5.0mm.


18K White gold and natural diamonds.

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