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Icy Jadeite Bracelet - Round Beads (NJBA144)

Icy Jadeite Bracelet - Round Beads (NJBA144)


This elegant jadeite beads bracelet is strung with 37 Type A jadeite beads carved from a single jadeite rough. The jadeite beads are icy with high translucency. Strung together, this beaded bracelet glows beautifully when it catches the light.

Being carved from a single jadeite rough, the jadeite beads display an even, consistent colour hue which is nearly colourless with a light tint of green in several beads.

The main photos are taken in natural lighting and are not enhanced in any way. The last 2 photos are taken in indoor lighting with a warmer colour temperature to showcase how the jade looks in typical indoor lighting. The jadeite beads are natural and guaranteed Type A.


Highly translucent.


No cracks.


Jadeite Bead Diameter: 4.8 - 5.0mm 
Jade bracelet is crafted with 37 round beads strung together with an elastic string. This jade bracelet will fit a wrist circumference of up to 15cm comfortably.


Not applicable.

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