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Icy Jadeite Pendant - Goddess Of Mercy (NJP086)

Icy Jadeite Pendant - Goddess Of Mercy (NJP086)

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This is a small sized jadeite pendant with an intricate carving depicting the Buddhist deity Guan Yin or 观音. Also known as the Goddess of Mercy, carvings of Guan Yin are worn as a symbol for compassion and as a talisman to ward off fear, pain or sufferings.

This Type A jadeite pendant is carved by hand and wears subtly with its smaller size. Intricately carved, tiny details of the carving can be seen clearly with magnification. The jadeite used in this carving is highly translucent with fine crystal aggregates. Worn as a pendant, the lustrous material exhibits a clear, watery glow. With magnification, wisps of white can be seen. These wisps have the appearance of light and wispy cirrus clouds captured within the clear jadeite carving.

This jadeite Guan Yin carving is timelessly set in 18K white gold with natural diamonds surrounding the jadeite carving.

The main photos are taken in natural lighting and there are 2 additional photos taken in indoor lighting. This seeks to give an accurate representation of the colour and quality of the jadeite carving in different lighting conditions.


Highly translucent.


No cracks.


Length of the Guan Yin jade pendant is 23.7mm, with width 12.8mm. 


18K White gold adorned with natural diamonds weighing 0.175 carats.

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