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Icy White Jade Earrings - Cherry Blossom (NJE060)

Icy White Jade Earrings - Cherry Blossom (NJE060)


This is a pair of carved jadeite earrings in the shape of cherry blossom flowers. Cherry blossom flowers or Sakura as they are known, bloom in Spring each year for a short period of about 2 weeks. Due to their time of bloom each year, cherry blossom flowers are often seen as a symbol of Spring whilst the fleeting beauty of their bloom transcends the fragility of life and the importance of living in the present.

18K rose gold is used in setting this delicate pair of carved jade earrings. The icy white of the jadeite carries a tinge of yellow at the corners of each jadeite carving. This gives the jadeite pair a slightly graduated colour hue which is complemented by the warm rose gold setting.

The photos are taken in natural lighting and are carefully taken to provide as accurate a representation as possible of these jadeite pieces.




Clean with no visible inclusions.


Diameter of icy white earrings is 9.6mm.


18K rose gold set with natural diamonds.

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