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Jade Display - Swans (NJO003)

Jade Display - Swans (NJO003)

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This set of eight swans is carved from Type A jadeite in a mix of light green and yellow colours. The intricate and elegant jade carving made clever use of the naturally yellow portions of the jade material to carve the heads of the swans. Each swan has a different pose and differs in slightly size, giving the bevy of swans an almost life-like appearance.

These decorative jadeite swans make excellent shelf decorations or can be placed on one's work desk to brighten up a workspace instantly.

The jadeite swans are guaranteed Type A with no chemical enhancements. Photos of the jadeite ornaments are taken in natural lighting.




Clean with no cracks.


Smallest jadeite swan measures about 38mm in length, 27mm in height and 13mm in width. Largest swan measures about 45mm in length, 42mm in height and 13mm in width.


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