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Jade Stud Earrings - Glassy Cabochons (NJE041)

Jade Stud Earrings - Glassy Cabochons (NJE041)

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Colour of Gold


These 2 pairs of stud earrings have 8 glassy jade cabochons each. The 2 pairs of jade earrings differ slightly due to the colour of gold used. 1 pair is set with 18K rose gold while the other pair uses 18K white gold.

Colourless jadeite cabochons in the finest grade are categorised as glassy variety jadeite. With high translucency, the shimmery glow that forms within the jadeite cabochons give glassy variety jadeite an intriguing look. All jade cabochons used in both pairs of jade earrings, albeit small, are of the glassy variety. Set together, the colourless jade cabochons display the beautiful shimmery glow as they are moved about, in any lighting.

The first 8 photos are taken in natural lighting. The last 2 photos are taken in indoor lighting which has a warmer colour temperature. This helps showcase the jade earrings in varying lighting conditions to give an accurate representation of the colour and quality of the earrings.


Highly translucent.


Clean without cracks. No visible inclusions. 


Rose gold pair measures about 11mm in width and length.
White gold pair is slightly smaller and measures about 10mm in width and length.
Each jade cabochon is about 4mm in diameter.


18K white and rose gold respectively, decorated with natural diamonds and small Type A vivid green jade cabochons.

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