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Lavender Jade Bamboo Pendant (NJP025)

Lavender Jade Bamboo Pendant (NJP025)

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This jadeite pendant is made from an icy lavender jade material beautifully carved in the shape of a bamboo. The jadeite material is highly translucent with fine crystal aggregates. The lavender hue carries a blue tone with lively bluish-green patterns decorating the jade bamboo pendant.

In traditional Chinese culture, bamboo carvings symbolise "a steady rise to eminence", especially in career aspects or 节节高 in Chinese. As such, Bamboo carvings are very auspicious and are often seen in jade jewellery carvings.

This jade pendant is simply set and is designed to be unisex. The jadeite is guaranteed Type A and has not been enhanced. The main photos are taken in natural lighting and there are 2 additional photos taken with indoor lighting. The various photos seek to give a realistic representation of the jade pendant in different lighting conditions.




No cracks.


Length of jadeite: 42mm / Width: 20mm / Thickness: 5.7mm


18K White gold clasp adorned with natural diamonds.

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